Blog attempt #1.  I have no clue how to “Blog” and I am computer challenged but here it goes anyways.  My latest addiction is reading food blogs and my old addiction is google (I google, it’s what I do–my family calls me the google queen).  I am in love with all of the beautiful food blogs I have discovered and I have been experimenting with many of the healthy recipes that have been posted.  My google addiction led me to these blogs.  Sadly though, my brain is a sieve and the holes are getting bigger!  I google and read about lots of interesting things.  I find great recipes.  But then, a week (ok, sometimes a day, an hour…) later, and I have forgotten where I came across some of the great things I found.  I’m always saying, “I read about that somewhere...”.  So this blog is a place for me to deposit it all so I can find it again later. 

A few more words on foodie blogs.  Huge fan.  Can’t get enough.  Downside is that they make me hungry.  I am in awe of all of the many talented people out there who can not only cook, but they all seem to be professional photographers and food stylists.  If I can actually get this blog off the ground, experimenting with the camera may be my next learning adventure.

My last reason for trying out the blogging universe is that I have a very boring job and my brain is dying a slow death.  I think that’s why I google so much.  I like learning new things and doing new things.  I need a new challenge to keep me busy.  My daughter said I needed a hobby, so here it is…FOOGLE…food and google.